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.1 your name:
      Tracie Annette

.2 your age:
       I am 20

.3 your location
       Seattle, Washington

.4 where you first heard anthony green(in any band)
       I first heard him in Saosin & fell in love with his voice.

.5 what makes you who you are
       The things I go through, family, friends, and going to shows :)

.6 list one of your favorite songs from any band
        The thing with me is when I find bands I love, I cant pick just one favorite song from that band. So my top 3 favorite bands are: Brand New, Circa Survive, and Chiodos.

.7 what you can do for this community(as of now its kinda low on members)
        I can post here, and get my other friends who love Anthony to join too! it'll be a party! :)

.8 promote to at least two communities, this would be most appreciated - please show links

.9 show at least two pictures of yourself being you!

I am a

after jared's show @ the showbox

backstage @ club impact

the boyfrand :) i had run through a fountain, so thats why my hairs all wet, haha.
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