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Anthony Green DVD in the works

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Friday, August 22, 2008

cochlear candy lamina
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Category: Parties and Nightlife

to everyone who as been attending these shows- i cant thank you all enough for your support- its been overwhelming for me to see so many people showing up and singing there hearts out- you've made this experience extraordinarily wonderful and its not half over yet- your eyes,bodies and voices are the life blood of this creative crusade- and the battle ground's in each of our souls- just having lasted this long is amazing- thank you from the bottom of my heart for paying attention to my music- any and all of it- there is so much more to come

if your coming to any of the rest of the shows please feel free to record our sets both visual or audio- i plan on releasing a dvd for this tour and we are taping some shows and stuff but i just wanted to encourage you to bootleg for your bootlegging pleasure - the more proof of our existence we can leave behind the merrier

I'm so freakin stoked. I couldn't make it to any shows D:

Also shouldn't the website at the top of the page be circa survive or his myspace, not Saosin...?
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