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.1 your name: Vanessa Grr
.2 you age: 16 :O
.3 your location: my roooom
.4 where you first heard anthony green(in any band): Saoin, 'Seven Years'
.5 what makes you who you are: The media takes a huge responsibility on who I am. &&&experiences ive endured
.6 list one of your favorite songs from any band: 'Tonight Tonight' by SP, 'Meet Me in Montuak' by Circa Survive, 'The Ides Of March' by Silverstein, 'Some Will Seek For Forgiveness while Others Escape' by underoath, and 'Baby Girl' by high & driving (sorry i couldn't name just one)
.7 what you can do for this community(as of now its kinda low on members): i can show how much i love anthony &&&i can make you guys cupcakes.
.8 promote to at least two communities, this would be most appreciated - please show links okie dokie
.9 show at least two pictures of yourself being you!



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